Our promise

100% most personal, efficient meditation even for people who say they “can’t meditate”.
100% mental and emotional depth
100% transcendental experience

The SilberQuarzit Incense Meditation includes:

→ short individual analysis of the actual situation & setting a personal soul goal.
→ personal incense with selected, valuable natural elements
→ instructions by the silver quartzite expert on certain physical tasks and on certain mental and emotional focuses during the meditation
→ individual plan for the pursuit of the soul goal after the incense meditation
→ all details about the incense mediation with Kornelia Schwitzer personally kornelia.schwitzer@silberquarzit-experience.com

→ Choice of “location” – you are on holiday in one of the SilberQuarzit partner businesses? We would be happy to come to you!
→ Selection of the “location” – You would like to have the experience in a completely different place? E.g. on top of a mountain, at a lake, in a small chalet or in your home? We will be happy to arrange this for you!

→ all extras are charged separately. See below.

The point of the incense meditation is to bring you quickly and efficiently into the meditative state in order to bring you intensely further in your intentions. For this reason, emotional, mental and physical triggers are created during the incense meditation, such as incenses, energetic treatments of the 7 seals of the alchemists, activating the quintessence energy. Due to Kornelia Schwitzer’s decades of body language experience, this combination is the most promising methodology:

→ Active and passive soul work (through meditations and/or energy work).
→ Active and passive physical impulses (through touch and or exercises).
→ mental mindset work (affirmations and or neurolinguistic exercises).

You start the incense meditation with an individual analysis of your very personal actual situation. The setting of your very personal soul goal takes place at the beginning of the incense mediation, as well as intensive incenses to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. The head frees itself from heavy thoughts and enters a slightly transcendental state. Words adapted to the person support you in freeing yourself from burdensome thoughts. A deep feeling of inner peace and serenity, connectedness with one’s own soul power arises. In this state an unadulterated and genuine body language becomes visible and serves as a basis for further individual analyses and a very personal soul plan for you.

A specially selected power stone and the corresponding flower in the form of a powerful essence allow new plans and ideas to sprout.

The result

→ efficient release of negative thoughts and mental blocks
→ worries, fears, and obstructive blockages are dissolved
→ you become mentally and emotionally detoxified
→ the connection to your soul is strengthened, you strengthen the feeling of your intuition and trust
→ a deep anticipation for the implementation of new plans spreads within you
→ the calmest and most self-confident version of you comes back from the incense meditation.

The whole thing is supported by a room or place that you yourself feel is the best place for this intention. It should feel like a kind of protective sanctuary for you.

Whether that is your home, a sheltered space in a chalet, a very special place of power in the mountains or a wide-open beach. We’ll be happy to help you make the right decision.


Extra costs

→ Travel/return costs will be charged with €0.65/km by car for distances over 150 kilometers, according to the actual expenditure.
→ Expenses for possible flights, accommodation and meals will be paid by the client.


→ kornelia.schwitzer@silberquarzit-experience.com

The price quoted refers to an incense meditation for 1 person. We recommend starting the incense meditation with 1 hour at €270.

For the more experienced amongst you, we recommend the 2 hour incense meditation at €540 as this activates your parasympathetic nervous system even more and takes you even deeper into meditation or a possible transcendental state. You can also book additional treatments and rituals. Please simply state your wishes when contacting us. You can also include the desired location where you like the ritual to be performed for you. Kornelia Schwitzer will be happy to advise you on your request and will write back to you personally.

We are happy to arrange an exclusive SilberQuarzit Yoga Special for yoga institutions, soul facilities and massage studios worldwide.

Our SilberQuarzit experts and Kornelia Schwitzer will be happy to send you a tailor-made offer for your event and your clients.

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