The dark Silver Quartzite goes especially well with silver and white gold. This pendant is crafted in silver 925/ooo and has a simple forged loop that is large enough to wear different necklaces. A grey leather chain probably fits best, but you can of course also choose a silver hoop or chain. The German goldsmith Sabine Stötzel made this piece of jewellery and writes the following about herself: “After graduating from high school, I did a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Communication, but realised that I was better off in the crafts after all. That’s why I started training as a goldsmith in 2006 and became self-employed in 2014. I simply love to see in the evening what I have worked on during the day. Every piece of jewellery from my workshop is crafted by me with great attention to detail – from the first sketch to the final polish. My focus is on custom-made pieces according to the customer’s wishes. I attach great importance to naturalness, i.e. the stones I work with are not treated afterwards, just as the material is not rhodium-plated or gold-plated. Likewise, I make sure that precious metal is certified and conflict-free.”

This unique rock, which is only found in the Pfitschtal valley in South Tyrol, will help you to leave things behind, release blockages and close open cycles. Silver quartzite was exposed to enormous pressure during its formation. Just as we humans often are. And it is precisely for this reason that the stone can support you in entering a new phase of life with courage and strength. Dark Silve Quartzite  is associated with the lunar principle, and supports all emotional processes that require more sensitivity and subtlety.

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