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Origin of silver quartzite: 100% South Tyrol, quarries of Vizze Valley, personally selected by Kornelia Schwitzer, 1.500 m. a.m.s.l.
Material: 100% borosilicate glass
Product design by Katja Merkel, My Flowers of Life, and Kornelia Schwitzer, according to Paracelsus’ Theories.

SilberQuarzit® Drink Bottle allows you to have some well-being always with you.
Whether you are at the gym, in the office or on the go, this portable bottle keeps alkalized water at your fingertips.
The filtering and purifying effect is ensured by the Water Purifier Bar housed in the bottle, 100% silver quartzite.
The decorative engraving of the Q, symbol of Sacred Geometry and Quintessence, gives strength and protection.

Benefits of the Drink Bottle:

→ Has a slightly alkaline effect
→ has a regenerating effect and increases energy
→ supports the energy balance of the human body
→ encourages people to drink water
→ Herbs and fruits that are popular in alkaline teaching can be combined very well with SilberQuarzit® water. At best, look for wild-growing herbs yourself if you definitely recognise them. These only serve as additional flavouring or energising for the water.

Effect of the dark energetic stone:

Each Energetic Stone is handcrafted from a fragment of silver quartzite, with love and attention to the detail, to make it unique.
This “Soul Treasure” can be involved into massage routines, used in combination with flower essences, as a stimulant for the seven chakras, or simply carried with you as a personal talisman.

It is shaped in squares, as a tribute to the four natural elements which, together, activate the Quintessence, the vital force.
The Energy Stone Dark represents the power of the Moon and the emotion. You can use the dark energy stone for meditation. It supports your emotional side, your love power, and also your most ardent wishes.

 Applications of the SilberQuarzit Drink bottle:

→ Fill SilberQuarzit® Drink Bottle with water and add the Water Purifier Bar. To enjoy the beneficial effects, wait at least an hour.
→ For flavouring and further enrichment of water, add fruits and herbs in infusion, preferably spontaneous and alkalizing, such as:
– Bitter herbs, such as sage
– Detoxifying herbs like nettle or dandelion
– Diuretic plants like elderflower and birch leaves
– Alkalizing fruits such as lemon and ginger
– Daisies, apple blossoms and wild yarrow

Applications of the dark energetic stone:

→ Soak the stone in hot water, or over another heat source, for about six seconds. Place the Stone on a point of the body, following your intuition or as needed, choosing the right connected chakra.
→ In case of muscle tension, involve the stone, previously heated, in the massage routine. The effects of the hot stone on the single energy centres can be boosted by the combination of the most suitable flower essences.
→ During times of stress, worries and emotional pain, always keep the Stone with you, in your pocket or in your jacket.
→ During meditation, place the Energy Stone on the body, together with the appropriate floral essence. Hold the Stone in place until it comes off, or the pleasant feeling wears off. Possible, known feelings are cold, heat impulses, waves, colours.

Possible combinations

Ideally, you combine this Detox Water Set with the Detox Healing and Detox Soul Power sets.

All SilberQuarzit® products are conceived according to the dictates of Traditional European Medicine and are made from wild South-Tyrolean raw materials, selected in nature and scientifically certified.

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