Kornelia Schwitzer.

Kornelia Schwitzer, founder and CEO of SilberQuarzit, has been working in the Health & Wellness industry for over 20 years. She is the person behind the development of all the treatments and the naturopathic products based on silver quartzite.

Personal life and milestones.

The South Tyrolean forests and mountains have had a great influence on Kornelia, since the very young age. As a child, together with her sister, she used to explore nature and collect special raw materials. Very soon, she discovered a great ability to listen to people, a skill which led her to be an intimate confidant for many people. Gifted with a sympathetic and reliable nature, Kornelia’s desire has always been to help all the people who opened their hearts and shared their deep sorrows to her.
After a short career in the banking sector, she completed a training course at Gertraud Gruber’s renowned beauty farm in Rottach-Egern, Germany. She liked being in contact with people a lot and she was more and more convinced that she had embarked on her path. Later, the beauty farm entrusted her with sales in Italy. Thanks to this magnificent opportunity, Kornelia was able to develop a network of clients in the hotel and wellness sector.

At the same time, she opened her first cosmetic studio in Vizze Valley, where she arrived following the love of her life, her future husband. It was no coincidence her new house was very close to a majestic quarry, a unique place in the world, with free access to silver quartzite, an unmatched stone, both from mineralogical and geological standpoint. The strong enthusiasm for this place was the spark that gave birth to the desire of harnessing the power of the silver quartzite. Therefore, she supported scientific studies on the stone that revealed its undeniable healing power for the human body. These studies were the foundation of SilberQuarzit®.
Kornelia was intensely interested in naturopathy, especially in the work and theories of Paracelsus, whose metaphysical and complex vision of the world particularly struck her. In these years she has worked along with professionals from different areas of health, phytotherapy and geology. Finally, she has developed her own method of treatment: she started combining precious oils and wild herbs with the silver quartzite, the cornerstone of her project. In over 2 years of development, Kornelia has combined technical knowledge with naturopathic raw elements, working on a the association with specific areas of the human body. To complete the picture, she also worked on all the other sensorial aspects of the treatments. As a result of this focus, she recorder the Primordial Chants and introduced complex blends of therapeutic incenses.
Since 2019, Kornelia has opted for a new quality. Since then, the treatments are only available in a few selected partner companies, or directly with her on exclusive request.
Kornelia keeps working to expand and refine her method, adding new elements and details to respond even better to the different individual needs. Recently, she developed a range of SilberQuarzit cosmetic products that give the opportunity to integrate the benefits of silver quartzite into everyone’s daily life.
Kornelia Schwitzer enjoys creating unique and highly personalized experiences for body, mind and soul. Her decades of experience with people and the development of Silberquarzit Experiences give her a unique sensitivity and a great ability to empathize with her clients. To request a treatment directly with her denotes a great awareness in the search for a healing process through the search of one’s ego and the knowledge of one’s soul with an exclusive path in which a very high professionalism and emotional support is guaranteed. If you are so demanding and want the best for you, contact Kornelia directly!