All SilberQuarzit® Experience and Products have been designed and developed by Kornelia Schwitzer from unique raw materials and inspired by her knowledge and expertise in the following environments:
→ Naturopathy;
→ Traditional European Medicine (TEM);
→ Paracelsus Theory;
→ Therapeutic Massage;
→ Traditional Herbal Medicine;
→ Thermal Medicine;
→ Salutogenic Cosmetic;
→ Besides, all SilberQuarzit® treatments find their scientific justification in several different branches of modern medical conception, essential for the final development and fine tuning of the Experience:
→ Neuroscience (connection of the Nervous System);
→ Neurolinguistics (connection between beliefs and verbal language);
→ Biology (chemistry and physics of living being);
→ Biochemistry (metabolism);
→ Epigenetics (hereditary information in genes).


Holistic medicine references and certificates

As a consequence of the constant relation with Dr. Wolfgang Marktl and GAMED (International Academy for Holistic Medicine of Vienna) and the research laboratories of its supplying partners, SilberQuarzit® works in line with the latest scientific developments. Kornelia Schwitzer continuously integrates new research findings into its products and treatments, as well as into training courses for SilberQuarzit® Therapists.

Univ.Prof.Dr.W.Marktl, GAMED Wien, Original expert opinion treatments
Univ.Prof.Dr.W.Marktl, GAMED Wien, Original Balneomedical expert opinion