SilberQuarzit® Partners.

All SilberQuarzit® Partners are chosen with great attention by Kornelia Schwitzer and her team and represent excellence in the wellness sector.
From this perspective, the selection involves structures already acknowledged for quality of service, professionalism and reliability, essential features to become standard-bearers of the brand philosophy.
The main aspect of these partnerships is that both Hotel/SPA and SilberQuarzit® aim to improve the life quality of their customers, transforming their holidays and their wellness treatments into unforgettable experiences.
Achieving this challenging objective requires a very close relation between Partners.
The constancy of this relation very often leads to something that goes beyond work, becoming friendship and sharing of knowledge.
The outcome is extraordinary. Customers are always satisfied with the result and enthusiastic about the honesty and the professionalism of our partnering structures.

Become partner

You run a hotel business and are interested in a SilberQuarzit partnership?
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Choice and Training of SilberQuarzit® Therapists.

Once the Partner has been chosen, the selection moves on to those who will perform the SilberQuarzit® Experiences.
Among the employees of these hotels/spas, we only select those already in possession of a deep passion for naturopathy, an essential condition for accessing the SilberQuarzit® Training.
The identikit of the perfect SilberQuarzit® Therapist is completed with other fundamental characteristics, such as talent and empathy, the latter absolutely central to grant the result our Experiences aim for.
The relationship with our Partners is based on constant and continuous staff training, to ensure the necessary updating on the very last trends of Naturopathy and Wellness.

SilberQuarzit® Partners and our products.

SilberQuarzit® products are available for testing and buying at our Partners, including the de-acidified water from our Jugs, Carafes and Bottles or the Detox Mineral Bathsalt, ideally to be tried in the quiet of private rooms.

You run a hotel business and are interested in a SilberQuarzit partnership?

Please send an email to