Concierge Training

Bookable for a maximum of 2 to 4 persons

3 modules of 3 days each
Dates to be fixed by arrangement

– Main venue: Almchalet Sagstallhof in Pfitsch and/or Dietrichhof in Feldthurns
– or at a location/hotel to be agreed (plus travel expenses for speakers)

Kornelia Schwitzer (7 days theory method and practice method)
DDr. Evelyn Oberleiter (1 day personality development)
Angelika Mayr Fischnaller (1 day Concierge Etiquette)

Target group
This course is for the professional training of employed or self-employed persons working in the holistic field of bodywork: freelance masseurs, midwives, beauticians, beauty care professionals, yoga teachers with massage skills, meditation experts with massage skills, ritual givers and experts in bodywork.

Basic Training SilberQuarzit

Seminar fee
2.000 € +VAT/ person / module
Included: Overnight stay and breakfast, simple lunch and dinner

Work equipment (complete with cost of goods) Monthly fee € 150 + VAT



What is a SilberQuarzit Concierge?
A SilberQuarzit Concierge is a personality who conveys responsibility, security and perfection in excellent appearance and work.
She masters the unique SilberQuarzit treatments and rituals to perfection, tailoring these services for the most demanding SPA lovers.
The path of a Silver Quartzite Concierge is always towards the highest possible quality. Each application represents a rarity that cannot be imitated or repeated in this form.

Be one of us
Are you ready to perfect your knowledge and manual skills, to bring your energy work into highest efficiency and to build your personality?
Are you looking for a way out of the masses, a way out of monotonous 8 hour massage days? You long for the highest appreciation of your profession?
Then this training is for you.

The concierge trainings take place only in very small groups of 2 or a maximum of 4 people. In total, the planned number of SilverQuartzite Concierges is set at a maximum of 12.
It is important to Kornelia to focus on the people who act as her right hand. For this reason, she does not want to train more than a total of 12 concierges. Perfectly professionally equipped, they are, as it were, showcase service providers on behalf of SilberQuarzit Experience.
All trainings are personal on-site trainings. They take place in South Tyrol in very small groups of either 2 or a maximum of 4 people. The focus on the person as an individual is important to Kornelia, because this is also the basis for being able to make tailor-made individual rituals herself.
The concierge training consists of 3 modules of 3 days each.
The trainer in theory and practice is Kornelia Schwitzer. The lecturer for personality development is DDr. Evelyn Oberleiter (www.terra-institute.eu), the lecturer for concierge etiquette is Angelika Mayr Fischnaller (www.angelika-mayr.com).

All modules consist of practical, theoretical and self-awareness parts. Basically it is about the highest possible perfection of the basic training, as well as techniques to increase the flow of energy and to build a strong personality.

All 3 modules consist of these daily programmes

Day 1:
Perfection practice technique and increase naturopathic knowledge.

Day 2:
New techniques to increase energy flow / even more efficient energy techniques /energetic preparatory work.

Day 3:
Personality building and concierge etiquette.

How to book a SilberQuarzit Concierge?
On the SilberQuarzit-Experience website a booking platform is created where you are presented with your photo, name and your special additional training.
From there you can be booked by private persons, exclusive chalets or villas, or also by already existing SilberQuarzit businesses.
You determine yourself the times when you are bookable and the maximum geographical radius how far you want to travel.

You will receive a complete SilberQuarzit Concierge outfit, including a tailor-made outfit (whether dress or trousers and work blouse) and working materials.

Privacy, ethics, morals and covid

→ Privacy
I assure you with a written guarantee in advance of your most personal privacy and absolute secrecy and confidentiality, as well as compliance with all privacy policies. However, for the efficiency of learning the applications, the clear expression of all topics during the training is very important. Only then can you learn the applications well in detail and then pass them on excellently.
From the beginning, these ritual packages are about effectiveness and efficiency. In order to move forward quickly, I address so-called emotional, mental and physical trigger points, which have an empirical perception of the Silver Quartzite founder as their basis. For this form of “Realtalk” I hereby issue a trigger hint. Certain topics addressed may have possible trigger points. Based on my decades of body language experience, these are precisely the most promising moments.
→ Ethics & Morals
My actions are always done with a good intention. I work with respect and expect the same from my clients and students.
→ Covid action
All Silver Quartzite rituals and applications are performed with the strictest adherence to safety measures. These include:
→ hygiene measures, such as the meticulous disinfection of hands and working materials
→ working with surgical mask, if desired with FFP2 mask
→ proof of temperature below 36.8 °C, immediately before the start of application
→ proof of 3G regulation (we are verifiably vaccinated, tested -with PCR within 48 hours, or recovered).

Extra costs
→ Travel/return costs
→ Working equipment (complete with use of goods) Monthly fee 150 € + VAT.

→ kornelia.schwitzer@silberquarzit-experience.com

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