My promise
100% personalised, very private and intimate ritual for people seeking absolute discretion
100% mental and emotional depth
100% bespoke, transcendental experience
About you, about me and my intention
My path is dedicated to those who want to achieve their goal quickly and efficiently.
“Are you also one of those people who have already made several attempts to solve certain problems that make our lives heavy? We often have high hopes and invest a lot in goals that are important to us, such as finding the right partner, reaching the right weight, having a radiant physical appearance or fulfilling the desire for a child that we have wanted for years. These are just some of the desires so many of us have, in which we invest time, resources and thoughts with the idea that achieving them will make us fulfilled and free.
My name is Kornelia Schwitzer and I help you find a path to clarity that will truly support you – based on the ancient healing knowledge of the seven seals of the alchemists, knowledge about the fears that block the power of these seals and the activation of your quintessence – your life force.
I am an expert in traditional rituals passed down from generation to generation, body language and I am able to interpret body messages when people are in a state where the parasympathetic system is activated. This allows me to understand what direction you need to go in order to effectively free yourself from a recurring thought that is stressing and weighing you down.”
Module 1
→ individual analysis of the personal situation & setting an emotional, mental and physical goal (via telephone or video conference).
→ Location selection – are you on holiday in one of SilberQuarzit’s partner hotels? I will be happy to come to you!
→ Selection of “location” – Would you like to experience this in a completely different place? For example, on a mountain top, on a lake, in a small chalet or even at home? I will be happy to organize it for you!
Get to know me in advance via videoconference, 60 min.
→ You will get to know me, the method and understand how I work. The videoconference will also help to feel if there is the right empathy between us.
→ You can communicate clearly your expectations and I can answer clearly explaining what my commitment will be to reach your goals. Your input at this stage is essential in order to understand what is realistic and what is not.
→ I will ask specific questions to select the right preparatory elements for you already during this conversation, which I will then send to you.
Module 2
→ Your personal ritual begins.

Along the way you will encounter reactions, the nature of which I will inform you about in advance. These reactions are the exciting part, because they do not happen by chance, but according to certain principles. Vegetative discharges cannot be controlled by consciousness, and therefore, being unconscious, expose weak points, congestion and subconscious blocks.
These discharges will be drawn by me on a so-called “reaction sheet”, painted and equipped with sketches and information that I perceive during the application of the ritual.
These notes on the ‘reaction sheet’ are based on the knowledge of peasant doctors and healers in Paracelsus’ time. The further homework plan will be based on these.
→ brief but effective mental, emotional and physical introduction to the body ritual.
→ intense personal body ritual with local incense based on selected, precious natural elements.
These kind of treatments serve to bring you quickly and effectively into the meditative state, activate your parasympathetic nervous system and, above all, make your initial intentions come true. To make this happen, emotional, mental and physical triggers are created based on the use of alpine incense, the energy treatments of the 7 seals of the alchemists, and the activation of quintessential energy(= live force). This methodology is the one that guarantees results as it has been tested by Kornelia Schwitzer in her decades-long studies of body language. The elaborated work plans for afterwards consist of these fields:
→Active and passive physical impulses (through touch and exercises).
→Mind work (affirmations and neurolinguistic exercises).
→Active and passive soul work (through meditations and/or energy work).
The day of the ritual
A precious treasure for you: Your very own SilberQuarzit ritual with me! A deeply transcendental experience and a 4-hour spiritual highlight.
During the ritual I will use particularly effective natural elements that I personally collect to bring you quickly and effectively into a deep state in which you will let go through the activation of the parasympathetic system. In this let-go state, your heart rate, breathing rate and brain rate slow down. Happy hormones such as oxytocin will flow through your body, biochemical processes will support your emotional reactions.
The back part of your body reflects your past, and that is what I will treat first. Special music will accompany you as I treat you with scented oils and resins with the help of precious, dark Silverquartzite. In the front part of your body, which represents the present and future, I will use liquid resins and mineral crystals together with essences that heal the soul.
These treatments will be further implemented through the use of a special manual technique that I have developed myself in order to increase the efficiency of the application. This alone can already trigger certain stimuli.
During the application I will also be able to give you instructions in which I tell you to think about certain areas or topics.
Everything is done with the intention of achieving maximum efficiency for you.
→ I perceive the reactions and vegetative discharges and sketch them in the so-called reaction sheet.
→ Then I combine this information with the knowledge of TEM and Paracelsus.
→ after this I will create a tailor-made work plan for you at home
At home: Follow-up to intensify the ritual day. A must!
I work with the aim of being efficient and effective. The most important thing for you after the application is to stay focused and use the intense stimuli triggered to free yourself for good from what is oppressing you. You will have to be active in creating a change between passive action (being cured) and active action (becoming active yourself). This is the basis of the ancient sun-moon principle on which the elemental force of all living beings on earth insists. Once you understand the principle, you will be able to shape your whole life according to it and thus free yourself permanently from burdensome mental, emotional and physical problems.
Privacy, Ethics, Morality and Covid
→ Privacy
Your privacy is guaranteed through a written document in advance. It will be treated with absolute confidentiality and respect. However, for the package and applications to be effective, sincerity and clarity during the ritual is required. This is very important and will really allow me to help you.
Since these ritual packages aim at effectiveness and efficiency, to quickly move on, I will address the so-called emotional, mental and physical trigger points based on my empirical perception. During this form of “Realtalk” I might deal with some topics that might trigger intense and deep reactions and be trigger points. Based on my decades of experience with body language, these are precisely the most promising moments.
→ Ethics and morals
My actions are always done with a good intention. I work with respect and expect the same from my clients. Obscene gestures, immoral offers before, during or after the SilberQuarzit Experience and all forms of low, sexist or threatening outbursts will result in immediate termination of the treatment and will be reported immediately.
→ Covid
All rituals and applications of SilberQuarzit are performed in strict accordance with safety measures. These include:
→ hygiene measures, such as meticulous disinfection of hands and working materials.
→ working with a surgical mask, if desired with an FFP2 mask
→ temperature test below 36.8 °C, immediately before the start of the application
→ Green pass by Kornelia Schwitzer
The result
→ Effective and deep relaxation in case of constant mental stress
→ Targeted treatment for the abandonment of negative thoughts and mental blocks
→ Dissolution of worries, fears and obstructive blocks
→ You will be physically, mentally and emotionally detoxified
→ The connection with your soul will be strengthened and you will experience a feeling of trust and optimism
→ A deep anticipation for the realization of new plans will spread within you.
→ You will return home with a renewed, calmer and more confident version of yourself
All this will have to be supported by a room or place that you feel is the best place for this intention. You will have to perceive it as a kind of sacred, protective place for you.
Whether it is your home, a sheltered space in a chalet, a place of very special power in the mountains or a large open beach. I will be happy to help you find the perfect place for you.
Extra costs
→ Travel/return expenses from 150 km by car will be charged at 0,65 €/km according to the actual expense.
→ Expenses for any flights, accommodation and meals will be charged.

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