Our promise

100% “root canal” treatment of the root of the problem
100% absolutely discreet services
100% unadulterated reactions

The SilberQuarzit Retreat includes:

→ individual analysis of the actual situation and elaboration of goals with Kornelia Schwitzer
→ personal, valuable accompanying tools and products worth € 166
→ daily, personal dawn tasks / daily goals / nightly mental and emotional focusing
→ individual analysis for the success plan after the retreat
→ SilberQuarzit Retreat Deluxe Package has a total value of € 700
→ all details about the retreat Deluxe package with Kornelia Schwitzer kornelia.schwitzer@silberquarzit-experience.com
→ 3 nights at White Deer San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge including breakfast and dinner
→ Booking period: spring 2022
→ for full details of accommodation visit https://www.sanlorenzolodges.com/i-nostri-lodge/white-deer/san-lorenzo-mountain-lodge/


This retreat is about effectiveness and efficiency right from the start. In order to move forward quickly, Kornelia addresses emotional, mental and physical so-called trigger points based on an empirical perception of the SilberQuarzit expert. For this form of “Realtalk” we hereby also issue a trigger warning. Certain topics addressed may have possible biochemical and emotional reactions. Based on Kornelia Schwitzer’s decades of body language experience, these are exactly the most promising moments.

You start the retreat with an individual analysis of your very personal actual situation. At the same time, you will be prepared by SilberQuarzit Concierges with incense to work on mental and emotional goals. The incense activates the parasympathetic nervous system. In this state, an unadulterated and genuine body language becomes visible and serves as a basis for further individual analyses and a very personal success plan for you. Then you will use selected, valuable accompanying tools and products every day for individual tasks.  You track daily goals on the spot to support the process. Kornelia helps you manifest your goals in the evening through a personal meditation.

The result

→  efficient success processes are supported
→  Obstructive business blockades are dissolved
→  you return home completely detoxified- mentally, emotionally and physically
→  a deep anticipation for the implementation of new projects spreads within you
→  The best, most powerful version of you returns from the retreat.

The whole thing is supported by the hidden, very private accommodation, which acts like a kind of protective refuge.
The owners of the White Deer, Giorgia and Stefano Barbini come from a successful business world themselves and know the importance of effective retreat holidays.

→ highest value on your privacy
→  prevailing authentic tranquility
→  hidden hunting chalet from the 16th century
→ highest excellence in the selection and preparation of the most natural food.
→ above-average passion and love for the guest.

Extra bookable SilberQuarzit services

→ With SilberQuarzit Cioncierges, rituals from 2 hours, from 360 €.
→ With Kornelia, SilberQuarzit founder, Signature, 4 hours € 1,080


→ contact Kornelia Schwitzer: kornelia.schwitzer@silberquarzit-experience.com

The price shown is for 6 people including the SilberQuarzit Retreat Deluxe Package with Kornelia and remains unchanged even in the case of a lower number of participants: the individual fee may therefore be subject to excess. Participation is not binding until 30 days before the Retreat. In any case, you will receive individual information by e-mail.

You can book additional treatments and rituals. Please just indicate your wishes when contacting us.

Availability is limited.

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