Slow Life SilberQuarzit® Experiences.

Slow Life Experiences are focused on mind and soul and they are based on relaxation and deceleration technique. Moreover, they draw inspiration from Paracelsus’ theories and his conception of the metaphysics of the world. The Parasympathetic Nervous System is stimulated to the point of favouring the onset of a deep state of relaxation and a feeling of freedom, for mind and body.
This result is driven by a mix of several elements and procedures, like:
The Seven Seals of the Alchemists and the Seven main Chakras are stimulated with the interaction of herbs, wild plants and natural elements;
The energy meridians are treated according to the Sun-Moon principle of Paracelsus (corresponding to the Ying-Yang principle of traditional Chinese medicine);
The piezoelectric effect of silver quartzite affects the energy centres of the body;
The Primal Tea, consumed during the Experience, encourages the elimination of waste;
The smell of wild alpine herbs conditions the Limbic System, inducing relaxation;
The flower essences, of the highest quality, inspire the soul for future challenges;
The Primordial Chants, specifically composed and recorded for SilberQuarzit®, ease the necessary meditative state.

Who needs the Slow Life SilberQuarzit® Experiences?

These Experiences suits your needs if you often repeat yourself:
I want to refocus my life;
I am looking for the meaning of life;
I need to slow down, the pace of life is too frenetic;
I want to know myself better;
I am intrigued by wellness practices.

What are the Slow Life SilberQuarzit® Experiences?

SilberQuarzit® Primal Stone Ritual;
SilberQuarzit® Purification Ritual;
SilberQuarzit® Spine-fortifying Ritual;
SilberQuarzit® Sauna Ritual;
SilberQuarzit® Smoke Meditation.

Where you can benefit from Slow Life SilberQuarzit® Experiences?

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You, at the centre of everything.

The treatment begins with the identification of a physical and mental goal that you will focus on precisely, with the guide of a SilberQuarzit® Therapist.
During this type of treatments, you can experience “piezoelectric discharges”, muscular or emotional reflexes that may occur following the interaction with the silver quartzite.
The intensity of these reflexes is subjective and, therefore, varies from person to person. The more the Parasympathetic System is involved, the stronger these reflexes can be, the more likely it is to get rid of the blocks and the resistances that prevent the life energy from flowing.
After each Experience, our client receives a personalized therapeutic plan.
The aim of this plan is to keep on draining excess acids and to block negative energies to gain new life force.

Important information:

The SilberQuarzit® Experiences and treatments with silver quartzite do not replace any medical therapy.
For our clients undergoing medical therapy, prior consultation and written consent from your doctor is required before any treatment is carried out.
For an Experience to be successful, it is essential that the client inform the SilberQuarzit® Therapist about any pre-existing physical or mental illness.
All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.


Serious physical and mental illnesses, such as fever, inflammation, dermatological diseases, infectious diseases, asthma, tumour diseases, pacemakers, epilepsy, pregnancy.
In case of hypertension and hypotension, caution is recommended.