Security and protection


I would like to share with you my personal impressions and feelings which I experienced through the SilberQuarzit Experience, carried out by the founder and dear friend Kornelia Schwitzer.

I am an open-minded and fun-loving girl. Due to the pressure and perfection of the outside world, I often cannot manage to let go of my inner feelings and fears or show them towards the outside world.

By working with guests and other people in the hotel, I constantly have to radiate strength and self-confidence. Besides good feedback I often have to insert negative feedback as well as having to solve daily hurdles and problems.

After a long time, I was finally able to let go of these pent-up and often suppressed emotions and feelings through the intensive and deeply relaxing ritual. The treatment helped me to show my inner soft sides without shame and to cleanse negative emotions from my body and mind.

During the SilberQuarzit Experience I felt safe and protected, as if held by two soft clouds.

The treatment helped me to release blockages caused not only by stress and pressure, but also by sport, fitness sessions and my joyful daily yoga practice. Kornelia “listened” to me and my body through the impressive combination of silver quartzite primary rock, essences and oils as well as pleasant incenses. The result was impressive: the worldly and strong “I” in my head united with the tender, soft and emotional “I” in my heart. Absolute peace and contentment spread through me. This feeling of security and purity had a positive effect on my everyday life for weeks afterwards.

From the bottom of my heart I would really recommend a SilberQuarzit Experience to anyone who feels similar to me, or to anyone who needs a short, deeply relaxing and cleansing time-out.

Sofia Hinteregger
yoga teacher and junior manager of Naturhotel Lüsnerhof, winner of the Green Concept Spa Award 2021

Personal Growth


“I am constantly looking for ways to improve the guest experience in the upscale hospitality industry. For me, this is not just about the experience itself, but also about other things such as logistics, user experience, empowerment of employees and of course, most important, improving the wellbeing of our most valued guests. In this time of constant uncertainty, it is a great challenge for all of us to keep body, mind and spirit in balance and the SilberQuarzit Experience is one of those holistic treatments that gives you the opportunity to regain your centre and regenerate quickly. Not only does the result feel like hitting a reset button, but growth happens within you, and that’s the most important thing in my opinion – It’s like you come out of the Experience as a better version of yourself. It’s definitely a great experience, so you better try it for yourself.”

Judith Volker
Creator and founder Magical Places

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Pure enthusiasm


I grew up in the same valley as Kornelia and have known her since childhood. I enthusiastically follow her development and the evolution of the SilberQuarzit primordial stone Massage into the SilberQuarzit Experience. As a former professional athlete in the Ski World Cup, I know how important it is to repeatedly release one’s own blockages and to work on oneself and one’s inner being. Kornelia gave me the opportunity to be there at the very beginning of her project and to try out the massage. The feeling of lightness and this unique deep relaxation has stayed with me for a long time. Recently I was lucky enough to try out the new SilberQuarzit Experience again at the Hotel Cyprianerhof in Tiers at the bottom of the Dolomiti RoseGarden mountain range.

It was unique! I would never have thought it possible that the “here and now” could disappear all at once and that I could fall into such a state of relaxation in a short time. My subconscious and my body reacted strongly and the statements of the silver quartzite expert after the treatment reflected my current situation and my current life and thinking exactly and very precisely.

I can only say that it is a new enthusiasm every time what intense reactions and inner forces are evoked by these treatments.

Dear Kornelia, thank you very much for allowing me to experience this feeling of lightness again and for not standing still and always being on the lookout for improvement, new things and further development.

Patrick Staudacher
Coach Italian National Ski Team and ex World Champion Super-G

Maximum relaxation


I am happy to give personal feedback on my experience with SilberQuarzit, which I was able to receive personally through its founder Kornelia Schwitzer, in the beautiful surroundings of the Charmehotel Friedrich in Eggental in South Tyrol. I am aware that it is often in our own hands to face the challenges of life in peace and serenity. Most of the time, however, blockades prevent us from breaking through correspondingly entrenched patterns that are directed by our subconscious.  The SilberQuarzit Experience is a possibility to recognize the subconscious patterns and to transform them accordingly. The application by Kornelia was on one hand magical for me, as she succeeded in putting me into a state of maximum relaxation, which is not easy. My sense of space and time seemed to disappear and at the same time I was completely present. During the treatment, my body showed Kornelia certain reactions which she knew how to interpret accordingly. Afterwards she made some amazingly precise statements about these reactions, which exactly matched my life. I received clear information on how and by what means I should integrate daily rituals into my everyday life in the following time in order to release the obstructing blockages. My conclusion – I am completely enthusiastic, an experience of a special kind with a lasting and transforming effect.

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Insight into the unconscious


“I have known Kornelia Schwitzer for many years. I have been following the development of her heart project for at least as long. My enthusiasm started years ago with my first silver quartzite treatment. Deep feelings and insights came to the surface that I had not thought possible. Ignoring them was impossible from then on and that was just the right thing for me at that time.

Kornelia has developed the treatment from back then and today there is a completely new SilberQuarzit Experience. You really have to experience it to feel this source of power, this elemental force that lets you discover your own personal potential. Potentials you never imagined before. Kornelia perceives every reaction in order to record it in writing for later. What was previously impossible for me: It is no longer the thoughts that guided me, as it was when I first met SilberQuarzit, but it is the emotions and reactions of the body that “speak” to me. Kornelia Schwitzer says: “Every SilberQuarzit Experience is different, as are personal lives and periods of time.” You can feel her sensitivity throughout the application, her calling to “help people move forward on their path”. The personal action plan she created for me is to help me further activate the self-healing powers.  I am already looking forward to the next time when Kornelia gives me a bit more insight “into my unconscious”. Thank you for all these wonderful experiences around the elemental power of SilberQuarzit.”

Enthusiasm, love, passion

You could feel the enthusiasm, love and passion behind Kornelia and what she does throughout the ritual. It was an extremely valuable, unique experience for me. Kornelia asked me afterwards about an area where she felt a strong reaction during the treatment. The exciting thing was that I also felt this reaction. This ritual goes deep.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart💛
Silvi Gasser