Spiritual rituals

SilberQuarzit Experience der Schwitzer Kornelia is a centre that specialises in the field of spiritual rituals, i.e. a special direct counselling and coaching activity, which is perfectly amalgamated with the methodology of the SilberQuarzit® system, conceived in 2009 by Schwitzer Kornelia herself. In this respect, the energy rituals in particular are of varying duration and are based on specific skills in the field of cosmetics as well as massage, combined of course with a high level of training in naturopathy and systemic coaching. The aim of the spiritual rituals performed by this practitioner is to combine numerous body treatments with oils and cosmetic products with the skills of mental training and holistic coaching. And that’s not all, as these fruitful and functional retreats also include sound meditation activities, breathing techniques and other forms of coaching, thanks to the collaboration with other experienced and qualified professionals. But what is the venue for these meetings? In general, it can be a hotel or a guesthouse, but also the location of this innovative and avant-garde centre. To discover the wonderful world of spiritual rituals, rely on the professionalism and experience of Schwitzer Kornelia, owner of SilberQuarzit Experience. For information or to arrange a consultation, simply call the following telephone number: 3396479743.

Südtirol naturopathy products

SilberQuarzit Experience der Schwitzer Kornelia is a business that deals in the sale of naturopathy products from Südtirol, which has many years of experience in this field, so much so that it has become a point of reference for an increasing number of customers. These are articles of high naturopathic value, certified and of the highest quality, including: essential oils for the body, detox supplements, healing products such as shower gel, peeling, bath salt and body lotion. And that’s not all, as SilberQuarzit Experience, specialising in the sale of naturopathy products from Südtirol, has an extensive catalogue, which also includes soaps, incense, spiritual products such as talismans, energy stones, jewellery, flower essences and healing earths. Schwitzer Kornelia is able to guarantee a fast and efficient service, while at the same time ensuring prices that are suitable for every type of customer and therefore decidedly advantageous compared to their competitors. For naturopathy products in Südtirol, it is a good idea to rely on professional and qualified businesses, as is the case with SilberQuarzit Experience der Schwitzer Kornelia. Place an order now by connecting to the online e-commerce, where you can also find information on naturopathic rituals, created by Kornelia herself, carefully following the rules of ancient Alpine healing knowledge.