Would you like to learn from me?

→ You are a therapist and looking for a deep holistic manual healing practice that helps people to find themselves and to deeply feel their own soul task? Are you interested in the ancient holistic knowledge of the indigenous peoples of Europe, and do you already have strong empathic abilities? Do you want to develop yourself and are you ready to endure reactions from people?

SilberQuarzit  Experience is not a manual technique, it is a holistic art of touching people. Biochemically, during such a strong activation of the parasympathetic nervous system as occurs during a SilberQuarzit Experience, many vegetative discharges take place that cannot be controlled. Combined with the knowledge of Paracelsus, you learn to read the body according to these discharges that happen during the application.

Every therapist experiences a new exciting journey into their own inner being during a SilberQuartzit Experience, just like the person receiving the treatment. You activate your own “inner alchemist” and dive into deep relaxations and even a kind of trance that lets you experience the true value of your work.



→ I am not there for people who are looking for mainstream!

My passion is to accompany and coach people who are looking for brilliance. You have to be willing to go deep for that.

You are an entrepreneur, host, enterpreneur and are currently dealing with big, complex challenges?

The demands on yourself are high and so is the pressure of suffering. Where to start is a question that occupies you as well as deep questions of meaning in your life?

I help you to pause and transform resistance, to feel yourself more and to understand your mission.

You will recognise your true strengths and transform your business in such a way that every area will contribute to your inner joy of life day by day!

As soon as it comes to the concrete implementation of exceptional international, high-quality luxury hotel concepts and co-living concepts, I work together with the founder of Magical Places Judith Volker, based in Vienna and St.Tropez.