Soul Healing Moments

Do you feel ready for a change? And now you are looking for the right person to help you? I would be happy to support you release energy blockages, connect to your  inner self and embark on new paths. With my SilberQuarzit ritual based on the teachings of Paracelsus, I will guide you into complete deep relaxation. And in this state you will discover new solutions and paths that come directly from inside you.

For people who are looking for depth. I am there to take care of your spiritual well-being. My rituals touch and nourish your soul, as well as your body and mind. My inspiration comes from the ancient knowledge of my ancestors. My aim is to create experiences that are as unique as you are.

Choose from rituals and meditations or feel free to consult with me. I promise to create a tailor-made ritual for you that exactly fits your needs. I am looking forward to meeting your beautiful soul.

Everything you need to know about the rituals

A ritual with Kornelia

Are you ready for a deeply transcendental and spiritual experience that can be life-changing?

In this SilberQuarzit ritual I use self-collected elements from nature that quickly and effectively bring you into a deep state of relaxiation. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, you will be able to let go and shed the old. Happiness hormones like oxytocin will flow through your body. The combination of precious, dark silver quartzite, oils, mineral crystals and essences support the self-healing powers of your soul. I also create a customised work plan for you.

A must is the ‘follow-up work’ to intensify the ritual day! Use the intense impulses triggered by the ritual to finally free yourself from what has been weighing you down. The 4-hour SilberQuarzit ritual can be your first step to permanently freeing yourself from burdensome mental, emotional and physical problems.

Incense Meditation

Are you feeling stuck, feeling like you can’t get any further? Then an incense meditation will be perfect for you! In this meditation I bring you quickly and efficiently into a meditative state that will get you forward in your plans. Emotional, mental and physical triggers are created during the meditation that help you reach your soul’s goal. I personally collect the wild-growing incense at an altitude above 1500 metres in the valley Pfitsch. This is exactly where the silver quartzite comes from. I can promise you: your head will become free from heavy thoughts and reach a slightly transcendental state. A deep feeling of inner peace and serenity, connectedness with your own soul power will arise. You will see, new plans and ideas will sprout!