Kornelia Schwitzer

A South Tyrolean heart beats inside me. I was born and raised in the north of this small Alpine province. Shaped by nature, especially by the mountains and forests. Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the hidden treasures of the Alps and the mysterious knowledge of the effects of plants and stones. Knowledge that has been passed down orally for centuries and essentially determines the nature of the people of South Tyrol.

My curiosity is therefore particularly high for rural healing traditions, the knowledge of the healing power of wild herbs and alternative therapies. For a long time I worked as a masseuse, but soon I realised that simply ‘touching people’ on the outside was not enough for me. Thus, more than 10 years ago, I developed a ritual that helps people to regain their elemental strength. Thanks to the fascinating communication between plant power and stone elements, I can work with the human energy body through touch.

Through my strong life force, which manifests itself as fire energy and warmth, I can support you especially well in the difficult moments of life. The result: being able to let go, leave blockages behind and step back into life with strength and joy. With enthusiasm and sensitivity I accompany these processes of change, which not only result in individual soul healing, but can also have an effect on the entire world.

Peace Ritual

For many years people have been coming to me who had already tried numerous methods, techniques and treatments. Unfortunately, the desired flow often did not arise. I assume that’s because the healing was sought after on the outside. In my experience, however, all solutions always lie within us. No matter what the issue is.

Do you know this feeling? The pressure is getting more intense every, but you still don’t manage to change? It’s as if you were standing in your own light? This is exactly where the Silver Quartzite Ritual I developed comes in. Based on the energy teachings of Paracelsus, I bring you into deep relaxation – in the shortest possible time. And it is precisely in this highly active parasympathetic state that the brain can no longer think that there is no way out of the current situation. No, this state opens up a whole new perspective for you – your own personal path to a solution that comes directly from within you.

Meditation Ritual

There is hardly a culture in the world that has not discovered the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. That makes a lot of sense. On my path of personal development in search of techniques and methods that can be easily incorporated into everyday life and bring a lot of positive change, meditation is on top of my list. Sitting down and not thinking of anything. Concentrating on your breathing. Diving deep into yourself. This is often not easy, but I am here to help you find your path. Let’s create your own personal meditation ritual together!

Meditation is going to change your life:

→ you’ll find peace

→ you’ll be more charismatic

→ you’ll be happier

→ your consciousness will open up

→ you’ll feel free

→ the meaning of life will become clearer

→ you’ll be healthier and fitter

→ you’ll be more successful in your personal and professional life

→ your mental detox will be activated

→ you’ll be more loving