With many years of experience and a lot of love I have developed the SilberQuarzit Experiences and SilberQuarzit products to support people during their transformation processes. My knowledge is based on:
Traditional European Medicine (TEM)
theories of Paracelsus
therapeutic massage
traditional herbal medicine
salutogenic cosmetics

Besides, all SilberQuarzit treatments find their scientific justification in several different branches of modern medical sciences, essential for the final development and fine tuning of the experience:
neurolinguistics (connection between beliefs and verbal language)
neuroscience (connection with the nervous system)
biology (chemistry and physics of living beings)
biochemistry (metabolism)
epigenetics (information in the genes)

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Spiritual depth

The decisive factor for the SilberQuarzit treatments is always depth. I never work on the surface, but efficiently create a very special state that allows deep energy blockages to dissolve. Such blockages are often the root of recurring fears or emotional “stuckness”. A deep connection to your elemental force is exactly the right way to find your way back to yourself. Strengthened and full of energy you’ll return to your life.


Rhythms of nature

Nature has always fascinated me. I enjoy observing the natural rhythm of the year in the growth of wild, high alpine plants. This deep energy, which I can observe on the mountain, is not only inherent in the wild plants, but also lives in the silver quartzite rock. The manual processing is of course very time-consuming, but it really pays off. So the very exclusive products can be made from the wild and unique resources of the valley Pfitsch. Of course, not all products are available during every season.

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I have developed these special products based on Paracelsus’ doctrine of signatures taking into account the power of the seven planets (sun, moon, saturn, jupiter, venus, mars, mercury). The teachings state that the planets transmit their subtle vibrations most intensively to plants, metals and precious stones. Folk medicine also focuses on the power of the four primordial elements, which, properly composed, can increase the quintessence (life force) of a person. In this way I can work specifically on certain emotional areas, which strengthen your body’s self-healing powers and release blockages.

Through constant exchange with the Vienna International Academy for Holistic Medicine (GAMED) and its president Prof. Dr. W. Marktl, SilberQuarzit is always at the cutting edge of science. I continuously integrate the latest research results into my products and treatments, as well as into the training of Silver Quartzite therapists.

Univ. Prof. Dr. W. Marktl, GAMED Wien, Original expert opinion on the SilberQuarzit treatments (German)
Univ. Prof. Dr. W. Marktl, GAMED Wien, Original Balneomedical expert opinion (in German)