Source of power

Create your own SilberQuarzit home ritual.
Let your intuition guide you, use practices you already know. In this way you can combine the power elements with cherished breathing and meditation exercises or visualization techniques. Provided you have enough time for this. Otherwise, I recommend to let the power source flow into your daily routine in a very uncomplicated way.
This is very easy, because in my opinion, rituals should be flexibly applicable – for example in the shower, while brushing your teeth or on the way to work. During all these everyday moments you can use your new power element to concentrate on the biggest goals of the day.
The more often you integrate this new source of power into your everyday life, the more it becomes your “memory” anchor. This is accompanied by all sorts of health-promoting habits, such as rinking at least two liters of water, taking deep abdominal breathing regularly, consciously choosing healthy food, or making at least one cold shower every day.
I would be happy to advise you personally for your very private liberation ritual at home, or help you organize a trip to experience a SilberQuarzit Experience. Share your wishes with me and I will support you with all my heart in your next big step.

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