SilberQuarzit® Detox Experiences

All Detox Experiences support body detoxification through procedures conceived and implemented with incredible attention to the smallest details.
These treatments aim to facilitate the disposal of excess acids mainly with the stimulation of skin, the organ responsible for toxins release.

The Detox SilberQuarzit® Experiences are a combination of several factors and procedures, like:
The body is stimulated with herbs, wild plants and natural elements;
The piezoelectric effect of silver quartzite causes the release of excess acids and lag substances;
The Primal Tea, a blend of wild alpine herbs consumed during the treatment, accelerate the elimination of toxins;
Alpine juniper incense, together with the absolute silence, acts on the limbic system, fostering a state of relaxation.

Who needs the Detox Life SilberQuarzit® Experiences?

Detox Experiences are a combination of physical detoxification and mental liberation. They are conceived and tailored for the needs of athletes, but they are anyways recommended in case of:
Excessive loss of minerals (in case of prolonged sweating);
Stressful life;
Need for high performance and productivity;
Extreme tiredness;
Dermatological issues.

What are the Detox SilberQuarzit® Experiences?

SilberQuarzit® Mineral Sports Detox;
SilberQuarzit® Mineral Feet Detox;
SilberQuarzit® Detox Body Peeling;
SilberQuarzit® Detox Body Wrap.

Where you can benefit from Slow Life SilberQuarzit® Experiences?

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Detox SilberQuarzit® Products

After each Experience, our client receives a personalized therapeutic plan.
The aim of this plan is to keep on draining excess acids and to block negative energies to gain new life force.
For instance, it is easy to prolong the effects of a Detox Experience with the SilberQuarzit® Detox Mineral Bathsalt. To permanently rid the body of acids, we recommend a complete bath once a week for at least half an hour.
Furthermore, we suggest the consumption of the Primal Tea for at least three weeks after the treatment, for its draining effect on the body.
All the other products and preparations with detoxifying effect for the body are listed in this Products category.


Important information:

The SilberQuarzit® Experiences and treatments with silver quartzite do not replace any medical therapy.
For our clients undergoing medical therapy, prior consultation and written consent from your doctor is required before any treatment is carried out.
For an Experience to be successful, it is essential that the client inform the SilberQuarzit® Therapist about any pre-existing physical or mental illness.
All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.


Serious physical and mental illnesses, such as fever, inflammation, dermatological diseases, infectious diseases, asthma, tumour diseases, pacemakers, epilepsy, pregnancy.
In case of hypertension and hypotension, caution is recommended.