In tune with Nature

For this aspect, SilberQuarzit® has chosen not to follow the rhythm of the mass-market, not being able to accept its speed and lack of ethics. We rely on the availability of the wild resources in the Val di Vizze. As a result, some products may not be available at all times.

The Seven Planets and the Four Elements

All products have all been conceived according to the “Doctrine of Signatures”, the theories of Paracelsus and considering the power of the Seven Planets (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury). According to the Doctrine, planets transmit their subtle vibrations to plants, metals and precious stones.
The Four Elements Theory is the other important source of inspiration for the design of our products. When combined and used in the right way, they can activate Quintessence, the life force of the universe, and self-healing powers.

You, at the centre of everything

Our products support you during self-optimization processes, to learn how to focus on yourself.
Paracelsus was convinced that in nature there are healing forces called “Arcana”.
They are, according to him, the key to activate one’s “inner alchemist” and to ignite one’s self-healing powers.


All products are packaged with combed sheep’s wool.
This precious fabric can be reused for chest wraps or reworked in other shapes.
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All SilberQuarzit® products are conceived according to the dictates of Traditional European Medicine and are made from wild South-Tyrolean raw materials, selected in nature and scientifically certified. Only Lavender comes from crops located in the Marche.

Highest Quality

All SilberQuarzit® products have been created with love and great attention to detail.
Unique products, handmade and composed of precious ingredients and materials: from silver quartzite, to selected wild herbs, to fine fabrics and decorative design elements.
“Soul treasures”, key elements of unique experiences, to activate self-healing power, lifeline and lighthouse, always present, even during storms.

Some of our products are used during SilberQuarzit Experiences®.

Our commitment:

Origin of ingredients and materials: 100% South Tyrol
Manufacturing: 100% Tyrol and South Tyrol
Product concept and design in respect of Paracelsus’ Theories
100% customer service

We combine high-quality ingredients and materials, the exclusive silver quartzite with healing body treatment.

Silver quartzite: purification for body and soul

Silver quartzite is a gift from Mother Nature, a resource with multiple possibilities. On one hand, the deacidifying effect of clear silver quartzite, essential during detoxifying treatments and for dermatological disturbs. On the other hand, it frees from mental blocks and gives energy.
Detox Line:
Detox Mineral Bathsalt
Detox Bodylotion
Detox Showergel
Detox Bodypeeling
Detox Mineral Soap
Alkalized Water:
SilberQuarzit Drink Bottle
SilberQuarzit Water Purifier Bar
Energy Stones:
SilberQuarzit Energy Stone Bright
SilberQuarzit Energy Stone Dark

We have designed our range of products with the aim of leveraging on Floral Essences and Oils from South Tyrolean wild herbs and plants, to obtain a complete purification of body and soul, in combination with silver quartzite.