Our promise

Our promise

Create your own private home SPA experience with uniquely effective and fragrant mountain hay from South Tyrol.

Kornelia Schwitzer is an expert in cultural-historical rural knowledge and rituals.

In times when travelling is not always easy, she supports the guests of the South-North and East Tyrolean hosts in creating their personal home rituals until they meet again in the mountains.

Here you can read how to create your own mountain hay ritual for home.

If you have any questions you can always contact Kornelia.

100% origin and manufacture in the Pfitschtal, Burgum 2.000 meters

100% certified high alpine mountain hay with 129 different herbs, flowers and grasses

100% farm-based, mindful traditional work of the Erwin Tötsch family on the Burgum alpine pasture


The SilberQuarzit® Mountain Hay Home Ritual offers the ideal relaxation after a strenuous day. Traditionally, the tart, spicy and flowery smelling hay has a purifying, detoxifying effect on your body. A little of it in the bathtub or even as a footbath allows the hay flowers to unfold an incomparable fragrance and an unbeatable effect. It also gently cleanses the skin and gives a soothing and regenerating feeling.

The daily touch with the elemental forces of nature succeeds most easily with these products. The secret of the founder is to select only raw materials of incomparably high quality.


Erwin Tötsch, agronomist and convinced organic hay producer:

” Located in the rugged mountain slopes of the main South Tyrolean Alpine ridge, the Burgumer Alm is situated at an altitude of over 2000 m above sea level. Our high-quality mountain hay grows here on mineral-rich soil, which contains 129 proven species of grasses, flowers and herbs. It is unique in its richness of species. The mountain meadow is carefully managed according to ecological, natural principles, and the hay is gently mown and dried in the traditional way. This allows medicinal herbs such as yarrow, lady’s mantle, mountain valerian, quender and arnica to develop their effects particularly well.

High-quality mountain hay has proven itself over centuries as a natural remedy. The aromatic scent has a beneficial effect on body and mind and supports relaxation and regeneration. The vital substances of mountain hay are especially effective in a hay bath.”


The SilberQuarzit® mountain hay bath consists of:

→ 500 grams of naturally pure and hand-harvested mountain hay from Burgum from over 2,000 metres above sea level.

→ 129 different herbs, grasses and flowers, many of which are traditionally and historically considered medicinal herbs such as Alpine goldenrod, true arnica, horsetail, cranberry, masterwort, mountain carnationwort, kidney vetch, yarrow, lady’s mantle, horned clover and St. John’s wort,


Ingredients (INCI)


The ingredients of SilberQuarzit Bergheus vary, because during the hay harvest of course no individual grasses are sorted, but the hay is harvested as a whole. All in all, it is a small, high-alpine meadow of splendour with countless different herbs, flowers and grasses, which, taken as a whole, has an above-average botanical occurrence. The natural harvest can vary in quality and quantity from year to year, as it happens in nature. In the high mountains, controlled organic cultivation makes no sense because the plants, grasses and flowers that naturally seek their own place of growth are inherently more resistant than controlled organic cultivation.


Growing wild at 2,000 metres above sea level is therefore the highest quality characteristic, in addition to the number of flowers, herbs and grasses.


→ without added fragrances, colourings or preservatives.

→ without silicones or mineral oils

→ vegan

→ without parabens




→ deacidifying and alkaline

→ de-stressing and decelerating

→ remineralising

It can support

→ mental awareness processes

→ detox cures

→ detox cures

→ purification cures

→ breathing exercises

→ meditation

→ yoga




→ For full baths, mortar and crush 3 tbsp. of the product, put it in a cotton gauze or tea bag and lay in the bath for at least 30 minutes.


→ For foot and hand baths, add 1 teaspoon to hot water (always crushed and/or ground).

→ For inhalation steam baths, add 1 teaspoon to hot water (always crushed and/or ground).→ For a body wrap, grind and crush 1 tbsp. hay and mix with 1 tbsp. silver quartzite larch resin balsam and apply to the skin, leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

→ For a body scrub, grind and crush 2 teaspoons of hay, then rub onto wet skin and rinse off with lukewarm water.

→ As a fragrance bag for the wardrobe or the car (important: keep pressing or crumpling the bag so that the essential fragrances escape).

→ As a special pad for seat cushions (change after 6 weeks).

Did you know that the vegetation of our mountain meadow has been assessed as valuable in terms of landscape ecology? The quality criterion for South Tyrolean mountain hay, which is 40 plant species, is exceeded by far with 129 counted plant species.

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