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Origin of resins: 100% South Tyrol, Vizze Valley, 1500 m a.m.s.l., personally selected by Kornelia Schwitzer.
Product design by Kornelia Schwitzer, according to Paracelsus theories.

According to traditional medicine, Incense Alpine Resin fortifies the respiratory system, thins out the phlegm and is an excellent remedy for coughs.

On a spiritual level, besides, it stimulates senses, frees the mind, and gives the energy needed for the restart.
Overall, resins help the release of excess energy, especially for those who struggle to fall asleep due to an overload of thoughts.
Resins are instrumental in achieving a state of deep serenity, clearing the mind from unwanted thoughts. Body and mind relax, brain waves slow down in intensity and the parasympathetic system is activated.
SilberQuarzit® suggests the use of Incense Alpine Resins during Fumigation Rituals for both beginners and meditation experts, to access an even deeper state of contemplation.
Each SilberQuarzit® Experiences Ritual begins with the fumigation of the three main components of the SilberQuarzit® incense.

SilberQuarzit® Incense Alpine Resin contains:

Ca. 70% of Alpine Larch Resin (from Vizze Valley, 1.500 m a.m.s.l.)
Ca. 25 % of Alpine Spruce (from Vizze Valley, 1.500 m a.m.s.l.)
Ca. 5 % of Alpine Swiss Pie and Juniperus nana (from Vizze Valley, 1.500 m a.m.s.l.)
It does not contain:
Perfumes, dyes and preservatives
Raw materials of animal origin

To take advantage of all the olfactory potential of SilberQuarzit® Incense Alpine Resins, we recommend placing them on hot coal.


Light a Charcoal Incense Tablet and wait for it to turn greyish.
Place the Incense Alpine Resin on the charcoal and spread the healthy smoke in the air, helping yourself out with a feather or with your hands.
Before adding new resin, remove the combustion residues.

Combined use with one of the four SilberQuarzit® flower essences is recommended.

Note: SilberQuarzit® recommends extreme caution while handling hot coal.
We recommend using a fire-resistant base, such as SilberQuarzit® Smoking Plate.
At the end of each ritual, make sure the coal is extinguished, it may, in fact, remain hot in the inside for up to 8 hours. If so, we suggest using water.
It is not recommended to carry out an outdoor fumigation, since the wind could blow off the healthy effect and, among other risks, increase the risk of fires.

All SilberQuarzit® products are conceived according to the dictates of Traditional European Medicine and are made from wild South-Tyrolean raw materials, selected in nature and scientifically certified. Only Lavender comes from crops located in the Marche.

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