You create your own detox home ritual that has a profound effect on the body. Through the power of the dark SilberQuarzit, your energy pathways are activated, and you access deeper the emotional layers. You detox holistically.

This is a modern and very natural product composition, the power of the white SilberQuarzit granules and mineral dust (primal element earth) in the focus. In combination with water (bathing, showering), the product unfolds its quintessence-activating power.

All products are designed according to the naturopathic knowledge of Traditional European Medicine. All SilberQuarzit products are made from completely natural, wild grown, regional and scientifically certified raw materials.

The SilberQuarzit Detox Healing Package offers the ideal relaxation after a strenuous day and has a purifying, detoxifying effect on your body. With this line, the founder combined modern formulas with the ancient knowledge of natural resources such as healing clay made from SilberQuarzit dust and granules. Daily contact with the elemental forces of nature is easiest with these products. The secret of the founder is to choose few ingredients – but those with incomparably high quality.

The SilberQuarzit Detox Healing Package works

~ deacidifying and remineralising

~ de-stressing and decelerating

It can support

~ mental awareness processes

~ detox cures

~ detox cures

~ purification cures

~ breathing exercises

~ Yoga and meditation


~ Apply the Detox products one at a time to wet skin and then massage each with the dark SilberQuarzit Ellipse and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Important: Do not forget to shake the product before opening, to optimise the effect. Together  with the Detox Healing product, you can use perfectly the Detox Water Package or the Detox Soul Power Package.

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