100% Silver Quartzite Mineral Dust
Origin: Quarry in Pfitsch (South Tyrol)
The Silver Quartzite healing clay consists of:
– finely ground (<0.1 mm), naturally pure mineral dust from the SilberQuarzit quarry
– without added fragrances, colourings or preservatives, without silicones or mineral oils, vegan, free of parabens.
This is a natural product that focuses on the power of the SilverQuartzite mineral dust (primal element earth). In combination with the primal element water (packs, baths, shower), the product unfolds its quintessence (life force)-activating power.

The natural pH value (CaCI2 extract) of the Silver Quartzite Healing Earth is with 7.9 in the basic range. The pH value analysis of the eluate according to DEV S4 is at 8.8.
Silver quartzite healing clay has a draining, detoxifying effect on your body. You can use the natural healing clay in the bathtub or as a foot bath. Healing earth packs are very popular for the face, for neurodermatitis, psoriasis and dermatitis, but also as a firming mask for cellulite, sunburn, insect bites and excessive perspiration.

The effect of silver quartzite healing clay on the skin:
– Binding of bacteria, fatty acids, cell toxins, decomposition products, unpleasant odours
– cooling, disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying
– decongestant, relieves itching and redness
– tightening, strengthening, has a suction effect
– reduces pain and swelling, binds insect venoms
– binds free radicals, quickly binds excess acids
– strengthens the skin

It can support
~ mental awareness processes
~ detox cures, detoxification cures, purification cures

Quarzit Powder
Planet: Saturn
Primal Element: Earth
All products are designed on the basis of naturopathy and Traditional European Medicine.
All Silver Quartzite Products consist of completely natural, wild growing, regional and scientific certified raw materials.

The Silver Quartzite healing clay is produced from white Silver Quartzite rock. This was formed 150 million years ago from the sandy beach of primeval Europe. Silver Quartzite belongs to the metamorphic rocks. In healing stone science, such rocks are called supporters of change processes. They help to let go of the old and to adjust to the new.
Silver Quartzite Healing Earth is a very finely ground powder whose particles are smaller than 0.1 millimetres. This increases the specific surface area. The ability to bind substances is increased. It is then dried at approx. 130°C, which kills any germs. It serves as the basis for the SilverQuartzite Detox product line.
SilverQuartzite Healing Earth consists of over 90% quartz, the remaining 10% being light mica, titanite, rutile, tourmaline, monazite and zircon. Bound in the minerals are mainly silicon, potassium, iron, potassium, magnesium and sodium, as well as trace elements such as copper, chromium and zinc. As this is a natural product, the composition may vary minimally.

– Dissolve in the bath: For thousands of years, extended bathing ceremonies were used to eliminate harmful substances in the body. Alkaline and mineral baths in particular are used to achieve such an effect quickly and efficiently.
– Approx. 3 tablespoons per 100 litres, bath time at least 30 minutes.

– For face packs: against acne and impure skin: the healing clay absorbs excess oil, has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect and cleanses the skin deep into the pores. Pimples, blackheads, papules and small cysts can be significantly reduced.
– Mix approx. 7-8 tsp. with 2-3 tsp. warm water and apply with a soft brush or your fingers. You can also use wild herbal teas as a water substitute (e.g. yarrow has an astringent effect), or you can enrich the mask with aloe vera juice or a drop of oil (or honey). The mask should remain on the skin for at least 20 minutes, in any case until it has dried up.

– The Silver Quartzite Healing Earth Pack can soothe eczema, rashes and allergies and relieve itching by binding pro-inflammatory substances. Psoriasis and neurodermatitis: compresses with healing clay help against the itching. The symptoms are weakened by the anti-inflammatory effect.

Cellulite is improved with healing clay packs, as the resulting suction pressure stimulates the blood circulation and boosts the metabolism. The skin is tightened and the skin texture is visibly improved by the minerals supplied.
– Mix the healing earth pack according to the area: apply thinly with a brush or by hand, possibly wrap with cling film and cover with a warm blanket. Leave on for at least 30 minutes, in any case until it has dried.

– For bruises, strains or sprains, a cold poultice with healing clay can relieve pain and have a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect.
– Mix approx. 7-8 teaspoons with 2-3 teaspoons of cold water. Apply the poultice, wrap with foil and leave on the skin for at least 20 minutes. You can also put on a stocking and leave it on overnight.

– Sweaty feet: free fatty acids and bacteria are bound, thus eliminating unpleasant odours. In addition, detoxification through the skin is promoted and thus slows down renewed excessive perspiration.
– Approx. 1 tablespoon per foot bath, at least 30 minutes.

– Healing clay can be helpful for insect bites, e.g. from mosquitoes, bees or wasps. Immediately after application, it provides a pleasant cooling effect, which helps pain and swelling to subside more quickly. In addition, the healing clay produces an absorbent effect that quickly binds the insect venom.
– Apply a small dab of the healing clay-water mixture to the spot over and over again.

– The pleasant cooling effect of healing clay also helps very well with sunburn. It soothes the pain and also reduces the inflammation.
– Mix approx. 7-8 teaspoons with 2-3 teaspoons of cold water.

– As a general rule, the mask should be applied thicker (paste-like) to smaller areas, and thinner (and possibly with a brush) to larger areas.
– The healing clay packs can also be covered with a damp cloth or wrapped in cling film (on the face: please avoid breathing holes)
– You can also support the effect of the pack with heat/cold: Cold: for all acute inflammatory processes, sunburn, allergies, reddened skin rash.
– Warm: for all cramps, muscle tension and chronic inflammation (of the joints, for example).
– Removing the mask:
– either wash off immediately with lukewarm or cold water
– or rub off the dry mask (peeling effect) and then cleanse with water or wild herb tea.
– How often?
For acute issues you can apply 1-3 times, otherwise a regular care routine of once per week is sufficient.

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