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Recorded 100% in South Tyrol
Conceived and Produced by Sonja Gasser, artist and musicotherapist, and Kornelia Schwitzer, according to Paracelsus’ Theory.

Let yourself go with meditative sounds and songs, activate your chakras and let your life energy flow. “Primordial Chants” by SilberQuarzit® is a composition dedicated to the history and origin of silver quartzite, our Primordial Stone, inspiration and precious ally.

The whole project, visionary and innovative, is completely centred on our Stone, also in the composition aspect.
Silver quartzite has been used in different ways, to understand and exploit its sonic and melodic potential. Sonja Gasser studied its interaction with a sound bed (Monochord or Sound Board) and used it as a real musical instrument.

“Primordial Chants” has a tonal development that starts low and intimate, up to high and acute sonorities.
This choice is based on the idea that these chants are an accompaniment for meditation, to stimulate to get in tune with yourself, until you reach the desired contemplative state.


To decelerate and relax after a busy day
During meditation
As a source of inspiration for processes of change
During yoga exercises
Ideal for creating your own SilberQuarzit® Home Ritual

All Slow Life Experiences are accompanied by Primordial Chants, to facilitate the necessary meditative state.

Need help to create your own SilberQuarzit® Home Ritual? Drop us a line at info@silberquarzit-experience.com, we will come back to you.

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