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As a philanthropist and naturopathic specialist, Kornelia’s goal is to make the healing power of nature accessible to all. With her method, Kornelia aims to help people overcome mental blocks and activate the powers of self-healing. To improve life. To free the spirit.

Since the founding of SilberQuarzit, Kornelia decided that the quality of treatment, the focus on the individual and respect for nature would be the pillars on which to build the future of the brand.

With that, the choice of our partners is a key moment of our activity: they need to embrace the SilberQuarzit value system and share its philosophy.

Key for peace.

In all cultures of the world there are manual rituals and spiritual techniques to bring people into their inner peace.
Whether with mantras or rosary prayers, with Vedic or shamanic knowledge, with techniques from TCM or the Inuit – the principle is always the same.
At best, the body is prepared over several weeks with detoxifying and cleansing treatments. The tension before such a ritual is always palpable, as is the hope of being permanently freed from burdensome pressure. The treatment itself is always very intensive, often lasting several hours, even days, and is performed only with oils, stones and herbs of the highest quality. The techniques of millennia-old knowledge are passed down from generation to generation to only selected people who have the right feeling for it.

SilberQuarzit Experiences draw on this ancient tradition, particularly the traditions and healing knowledge of the mountain people of the Alps. Each treatment becomes a highly spiritual experience. The human being plays a central role. Kornelia or her few personally trained SilberQuarzit therapists devote all their strength, skills and knowledge to them.

The sacred power of the mountains.

Only very precious raw materials are used for both the products and the Experiences signed by SilberQuarzit, processed with skill and caution. The alpine herbs we use for extracts and oils contain high quality active ingredients, significantly higher in concentration than those industrially cultivated. These wild herbs are rigorously manually harvested, in respect and harmony with nature. Kornelia Schwitzer pays great attention to the harvesting days, and she is personally involved in these operations.

According to ancient peasant traditions, herbs and plants are richer in power when harvested on certain days, such as the summer solstice. The sun exposure of naturopathic plants is another key factor, given the enormous difference in effectiveness between those growing on the sunny side of a valley and the ones on the so-called “Neder” (the darkest side of the valley). At SilberQuarzit we know exactly which herbs or resins must be harvested in the morning, at dawn, and which ones in the late evening, just before sunset.

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We care for Nature and support Research:

We love nature. We plant a larch in Val di Vizze for each SilberQuarzit incense kit sold. In collaboration with the Forest Inspectorate of Vipiteno.

Kornelia is a frequent donor to UNICEF’s humanitarian support projects.

We support the costs of joining GAMED, the International Academy of Holistic Medicine in Vienna for each new partner of SilberQuarzit, with the aim of supporting research in integrated medicine.